Concept vehicle shown.

Concept Vehicles

Genesis X Snow Speedium

The Genesis X Snow Speedium fuses the pristine beauty of winter with the natural athleticism of Genesis vehicles. Equal parts elegance, strength and rugged durability, this isn’t just a concept—it’s a journey into the soul of winter’s might.


Built for Winter Challenges

An ideal winter crossover, the X Snow Speedium is a vision to behold in cityscapes, mountain ranges and wherever the winter months take you.



Powered by electric motors, the X Snow Speedium is intended to dash through trails and snowy terrain at high speeds. Its athletic design and aerodynamic construction echo its prowess on both city and country roads.


Expertly Paired for Skiing

Designed to pair with the X Snow Speedium, matching skis have been created in collaboration with the Swiss ski tailoring brand Anavon. Combining the best of Swiss craftmanship with high- quality, locally sourced materials.

More Concept Vehicles

Concept vehicle shown.

X Gran Berlinetta Concept

Designed specifically for Gran Turismo 7, this concept vehicle is the epitome of motorsport styling with a distinct design that could only be a Genesis.

Concept vehicle shown.

GV80 Coupe Concept

Remarkably athletic and visually disruptive, the GV80 Coupe Concept pushes performance styling into a new stratosphere and redefines how an SUV can look and feel.

Concept vehicle shown.

X Convertible Concept

The X Convertible Concept is the final iteration of an all-electric trilogy that embodies our design philosophy of athletic elegance.


Concept vehicle shown.

X Concept

Embracing the power-handling poise and commanding presence of a classic GT, the X Concept all-electric coupe has been designed for the modern driver.

Concept vehicle shown.

X Speedium Coupe Concept

The X Speedium Coupe Concept is the next chapter in all-electric driving possibilities, born out of a passion for authentic freestyle design and spirited performance.